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Photographs: Olga Koreleva. 


'In Circles, Around Tables', inverted digital chalk drawing, 2018. 

‘In Circles, Around Tables’ (2018)

Facilitated fishbowl conversation

presented at Royal Academy of Art, London, June 30th 2018

Part of ‘Dissections’ Festival during Mayfair Art Weekend

‘In Circles, Around Tables’ sought to examine how we meet and occupy space. It was designed to bring a collection of voices together to explore the following questions:

What is your experience of sitting around tables, and what do you understand a table to be?


Is a voice in a room valuable? 


What has your own body taught you about architecture? 


The event took the form a series of fishbowl conversations: an existing seating format often used in educational or work environments. Encouraging active participation between those speaking and those listening, it consists of two concentric circles of chairs that participants move between throughout. 


The live event involved invited participants Jonathan Hoskins, Laura Mark, Toyosi Bologan, Siobhan Maguire, as well as walk-in gallery visitors. 


Whilst existing as an event in its own right, audio/video material was gathered as research for further work with consent of the participants. 

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