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Photographs: Adianna Apodaca. 

'Begin in the Middle (Neither Me, nor the Bucket)' (2021). Performance and three-channel video, duration variable. 

Performed by Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl, Michaela Gerussi and Alice Gale-Feeny, on July 16 2021, Laurie Grove, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. 

'Begin in The Middle (Neither Me, Nor The Bucket)' exists as an accumulation, of times and spaces. It is a work where the method of 'recursion' is used to collectively write and re-write a performance world and logic that involves bodies, objects, scripts and videos. 

Recursion is about addition and recalibration. New knowledge destroys a previous model, and writes a new one: 'Speaking through events creates new starting points'.

What becomes of us as we encounter ourselves through the touch-based feedback of an object; as we hear ourselves aloud?


The work proposes ways in which we may become-with each other, considering objects, scripts and videos of previous iterations of an accumulative practice, as 'containers' that create feedback loops, informing intra-acting phenomena. 

The dialogue within the performance has been co-written with three performance collaborators, in this instance Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl and Michaela Gerussi. 

The three-channel video is designed to be viewed after the live event.  


'Begin in The Middle (Neither Me, Nor The Bucket)' is performed by Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl, Michaela Gerussi and Alice Gale-Feeny. 

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 19.00.50.png

Three-channel videos (installation view at Laurie Grove). Photographer: Pav Putley

Still4_video3_Final Finale 3 for MFA.jpg
still2_video1_final finale for MFA.jpg
Gale-Feeny_Begin in the Middle_text.jpg

Three-channel videos (stills). 

At Seventeen, part of Performance Exchange on 1st August, 2021
Performed by Manuela Albrecht, Svenja Buehl, Alice Gale-Feeny and Michaela Gerussi

'Begin in the Middle (Neither Me nor the Bucket)' was shown at Seventeen, during Performance Exchange on August 1st 2021. 

Performance Exchange is a new dispersed platform for performance art in commercial galleries. Performance Exchange is Founded and Directed by Rose Lejeune. The Founding Galleries are Arcade, Seventeen Gallery and VITRINE. 


For more information including acquisitions document:  


Photographs: Manuela Barczewski.

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