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 Readings and Published texts

2024 JOAN, 'Dance Across the Carpeted Floor, Please', anthology of writing, contributing writer. Launch at Camden Arts Centre on Feb 15th 2024. 

2022 Reading of selected poems, group exhibition curated by Sharon Young, 228 Chingford Mount, London. 

2022 'One Line, Two Times', reading, 228 Chingford Mount, London, supported by Hypha. 

​2020 ’As Parts’, poetry edition in collaboration with Jessica Jane Charleston, self published. 

​2020 ‘Repeating on Me: Patterned Ground’, co-curated night of performance and poetry with Natalie Zervou-Kerruish, Housmans Radical Booksellers, London.

​2020 'Gabriella Boyd: For Days' at Seventeen, London. Exhibition review, this is tomorrow, online. READ HERE

​2019 'Pocket Litter’, three poems published by Writers Forum, London. Editors: Matthew Robertson and Laurence Upton.


​2019 Patterned Ground, reading, Housmans Radical Booksellers, London.


​2018 The Poetry Cafe, London, reading.


​2015 'High Street Haiku's', text edition, self-published. 

2015 Samuel Jeffery exhibition review, at TG Gallery, Nottingham. this is tomorrow, online. READ HERE 


​2015 'Since the beginning of human civilisation we have worked with second-hand knowledge to shape ourselves  (things I have learnt from people my own age.)' Writing commission for ‘Search the Collection’, a project curated by Colette Griffin for Nottingham Castle.

2014 Danh Vō at Nottingham Contemporary, exhibition review, this is tomorrow, online. 

​2013 Performance Studies International: PSi Lexicon online, published text online. 

​2012 'In the Presence of Multiple Possibilities', contributing writer, An Ordinary Press Publication, curated by Royal College of Art and French Riviera 1988 Gallery, London.


Reading performed at Patterned Ground', Housmans Radical Booksellers, London. 2018

Reading performed at the end of a residency awarded by Hypha Studios, 228 Chingford Mount, London, 2022.

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