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Natalie Zervou-Kerruish and Alice Gale-Feeny present: 

Patterned Ground 4.10: 'Repeating on me'

 28th January, 2020 

Housman's Bookshop, London

It could be non-stop, periodic or reoccurring but repeating on me happens to you and not by you. It can’t be undone; it tries again and again, ambushed by the only thing that might set it free.

In the midst of repeating patterns of behaviour, something solidifies, something ruptures. There are routines that serve us and make us sick, rituals that are so subtle they are unspoken of, and those that are so memorable they punctuate time with a clear exclamation mark.

Reading and re-reading, changes meaning; we learn things by heart. Doubling up is wise, and the carpenter always measures twice. Supposedly history is repeating itself, but there must be nuance; which voice was left out the first time round?

We intend to stage an evening where such thematics can be interpreted and explored in a manifold of ways via poetry, prose, performance, sound and music, with contributions by artists for whom this may not be their first form of expression.

It’s all been said. But let’s say it again. Oh and remember, clapping will only be recognised as applause, if you bring your hands together more than once.

Performances from:
Natalie Zervou-Kerruish
Alice Gale-Feeny
Jennifer Campbell
George Finlay Ramsay
Jessica Jane Charleston
Ruby Nightingale
Alex James Brown

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