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You Can Call it Confirmation Bias
In collaboration with Emma Lindsay
Performed at:
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bar Soba, Aug 3rd - 15th, 2023

Sea Lanes Swimming Pool, Brighton in 
'Swimming a Long Way Together' by Vanessa Daws, curated by Rosie Hermon in partnership with Fabrica Gallery October 14th, 2023


Image: Adianna Apodaca


Image: Adianna Apodaca


Image courtesy of the artists

Image: Adianna Apodaca

You Can Call it Confirmation Bias is a performance about how fortune-telling miracle fish and trees that look like women's legs helped us to predict the future.

Emma Lindsay and Alice Gale-Feeny are two artists who make sincere, awkward, and visually inventive performance. 


Both trained in Fine Art and met during their MFA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban / Independent Dance, London in 2019.  They bring their particular understanding of both contemporary  art and movement practice to performance making, which culminates in experimental work which bridges contemporary art, dance, writing, and installation. 

This work is made possible by the Society for Theatre Research’s 2023 practitioner grant and the individual donations offered by those who contributed to our Crowdfunder campaign. 


Audience feedback: "

"Experimental masterpiece. Moving, sincere, heartfelt, inspired. Thought provoking and fringe. If you want a creative devised piece unfolding before your eyes.- check it out. The performers are gentle, intentional, and gripping. I trust anything they create will be worth the watch!"


More about Emma Lindsay:


You Can Call it Confirmation Bias (2 mins 45 secs Trailer)
Emma Lindsay and Alice Gale-Feeny

Camera: Adianna Apodaca

Edit: Alice Gale-Feeny


Image courtesy of the artists


Images courtesy of the artists


Image courtesy of the artists


Image courtesy of the artists

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