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As Parts (2020), poetry edition of 100

In collaboration with Jessica Jane Charleston

Self published

‘As Parts’, is a book made by Alice Gale-Feeny & Jessica Jane Charleston (of Make Mud Press) containing 6 previously unpublished poems.


Their respective art practices, involving print-making, painting, performance, dance and facilitation, intersect here. The book could be read as a conversation between two, and between many. The body; its functions and its desires, makes itself known, whether we wanted it to or not, in a voice that is at once persistent, unboundaried and pragmatic.

As Parts was made in 2020. It is an edition of 100 copies, printed by photocopier and hand-bound by Alice and Jessica. It is illustrated by both artists with black ink drawings and collage.

As Parts is £7 plus £2 postage. Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal, if you’d like to buy a copy, please email me.


Images courtesy of Alice Gale-Feeny and Jessica Jane Charleston. 

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