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Hi, my name's Alice and I was born at 4:02 on a Thursday afternoon in Brighton. 

At the age of 19

I wanted to be a conceptual artist.

I'm part of the Section 28 Generation. 


And I keep being advertised bikinis.

1989 WAS 34 YEARS AGO (working title) - in development 

Supported by a bursary from A-N The Artists Information Company (2023 Artist Bursary)

Developed during Beginners Stand-Up Comedy training at Angel Comedy, London and 2 days research at Women's Art Library, London with support from Althea Greenan and two outside eye sessions - one with Seke Chimutengwende (Choreographer, Performer) and Dec Munro (Comedy Director and Producer).

Material shared at:
The Bill Murray, London, marking completion of stand-up training 2023
The Cavendish Arms, for 'Comedy Virgins', 2023
ClerknWell ArtsLab, Ryan's Bar, N16, 2023
Camden Arts Centre, London, for JOAN book launch, Feb 15th, 2024
Big Scratch, The Famous Cock Tavern, Feb 20th 2024


Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 15.34.11.png

Noisy props and costume changes: transparent PVC, translucent curtains, t-shirts with paper slogans and a microphone. 

This research evolved after completing stand-up comedy training and research at the Women's Art Library. 

Biographical information, meets reflections on shared queer histories. Amidst the joke-writing I'm trying to examine my positionality and lived experience, uncovering archival materials and histories, access needs, and the conventions of artistic disciplines.

I'm bringing narrative towards a somatic-informed  methodology I first developed whilst doing an MFA in Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice: I work for a period of time with the same materials, responding to the mutual transformation that I observe through this human and non-human intimacy.

The status, identity and potential of my own role as performer, and the materials I work with, seems to evolve over time.

I'm interested in working with materials that offer immediate feedback relating to desires and needs, and where the boundaries between bodies and materials blur or get folded or tangled.

I want to work with disorientation, desire, messiness, tension and to playfully explore spilling and containing as a performer. 


Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 15.32.46.png

Practice images from studio rehearsals.


Presentation of 8 minutes of material at Camden Arts Centre, for the JOAN publication launch, February 15th 2024. 

Presentation of 7 minutes of  material at ClerkenWell ArtsLab, Ryan's N16, London, December 2023

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