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'book as right hand' (2022 - ) is an ongoing performance practice with books and paper. The work received research funding from CARC (Contemporary Art Research Centre, at Kingston University). It was performed as a 3-part solo in its first iteration on September 30th 2022 in Knights Park Library, Kingston School of Art. It was filmed by Adianna Apodaca and supported by Librarians Wendy Woodley and Sue Stockoe. 

Paper dance still 3.jpg

Camera: Adianna Apodaca

Books section still 4.jpg

A notebook, a novel, a theory book rest against my thigh. 

There’s paper covering my bed when I’m trying to take a lie down. 

I read ‘I love dick’ whilst we attempt to rekindle our sex life. 

I’m trying to un-learn what learning means and allow myself to learn with books as a support and paper as a soft hand that touches. I want to move with books as if they were a body. I want to tangle into paper as if in a paper-based orgy. 

Books section still 5.jpg
Books section still.jpg

books and paper are always present regardless of the activity I’m involved with. They signal a place where a particular blurring of activities takes place. I'm interested in how performing with these materials (as matter; surfaces, volumes - and as voices and sites) approaches the idea of entanglement and the inter-relatedness of all matter. They are containers in a practice that tries to talk about intimacy, boundaries, research and companionship simultaneosly.

hand trousers.jpg
Paper into trousers edited still 2.jpg

Camera: Adianna Apodaca

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