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One Line, Two Times, sculptures and performance reading (2022).

Produced during a two-week residency with Hypha Studios, at 228 Chingford Mount, London 
Selected for the residency by Roisin Ingleby, Director of William Morris Gallery, London. 
2 January 2022 - 16 January 2022 
Performer: Alice Gale-Feeny 






‘One Line, Two Times’  draws from a material archive comprising a large collection of notebooks that span approximately thirty years.


These books contain proposals for artworks and performances made and unmade, and my own writing. My voice changes over time: the writing contains evidence of my relationship to my own poor mental health; experiences of an eating disorder, notes from within the artistic making process, as well as a collection of unpublished poems.  


How do the changing voices and vocabularies within this material archive live in a 33 year-old body? A body that has 'changed'?


How do the notes, poems and drawings recalibrate when activated?  


“To go to the archive is to begin to reverse entropy: it is to animate”

(Marina Warner in ‘Table Of Contents: Memory and Presence, Siobhan Davies Dance, 2014).  


I began working with this archive in January 2022 during a two-week residency awarded by Hypha in an empty shop unit at 228 Chingford Mount, London.  

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