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"Between the year 2009 and 2022 I stumbled across a number of trees with the same characteristic."

two legs green screen.jpg
two lines tree.jpg

'Two Lines, Two Times (Tree Tarot)' (video stills), (2022). 08'00 HD video no sound.


'Two Lines, Two Times (Tree Tarot)', 2022, Performance and video installation view at 'ancient ~ flippant, Gallery Lock-in, Brighton, July 2022. Video documentation available on request.


Installation of video uses a free-standing projection screen. Dialogue spoken by performer is amplified by a microphone placed by the performers mouth. The handstands are performed with the aid of a green mat under the performers head. 

(From left) ‘Two Legs (Headstand)’ (2022), Mono Print edition 1/1; ‘Two Lines Two Times’  #1 (2022), Mono Print Edition 1/1 ; ‘Two Lines Two Times’  #2, (2022), Mono Print Edition 1/1.

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