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'Studio Visit(s)/ On Paper' is a portable performance and show and tell model for a studio visit on my terms. 
Using a table, I present a collection of current writing, objects and book-based sculptures. I read from my writing and I expose the insides of the the books by opening them.

The function is to perform my interest in boundaries between the insides and outsides of the work I make, and to test divergent connections in the practice.

This offers me a model; a solution to unaffordable studio rents in London and a way to practice calming my nerves during studio visits.  


Studio Visit / On Paper performed at A Bigger Book Fair, Peckham 24 Festival, May 19th 2024, curated by She Speaks Up and Sharon Young. 


Containers for the Insides, text on paper treated with cooking oil, 2024.  This text tracks the thought process and questions informing 'Studio Visit/ On Paper' following a studio visit with an artist and peer.

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